True North is  a ministry dedicated to sexual and internet purity.   Today’s “wired” culture hears the cry of “connection” with others.  However, for many, internet connections sadly ends with feelings of loneliness and emptiness.  When our connected world does not deliver in its promise to actually connect the end result is often loneliness, hopelessness, and despair.  The online promise of connection ends up as disconnection.

True North exists for two purposes:

  • To help  men, women, and marriages recover from chronic sexual issues
  • To understand and educate families and institutions in how screen time can not be a substitute for real relationship

At True North we believe in the 2 C’s of recovery — Christ and community. Christ is our foundation.  Being in healthy and safe community allows us to “practice” being the person God wants us to be.   In a True North group men get a safe environment to “practice” transparency and vulnerability so we can start taking what we do in our group to the the priority relationships  in our families!

Come join us on a journey of hope and healing!

E-mail: truenorth.mn@gmail.com

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